We build and optimise eCommerce

At Accolade, we craft eCommerce solutions that don't just look good but perform impeccably. From ideation to execution, and beyond – we're your dedicated partner in digital commerce.


We specialise in offering technical consultancy services and solutions for the eCommerce industry.

Hosting solutions

Secure, scalable, and high-performance hosting environments designed for seamless online retail operations.

Technical development

Customised feature development to enhance user experience and drive business functionality.

SEO Consultation

Data-driven strategies to optimise your visibility and organic reach in search engine results.

Marketing Consultation

Solutions and techniques to boost your brand’s online presence and customer engagement.

Partner with us for a results-driven approach to eCommerce success.

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Out of all the different partners we have worked with, Accolade have demonstrated the best overall knowledge on Magento development. The firm’s dedicated team of professionals have consistently delivered an excellent quality service, and their problem solving skills have proven invaluable in clearing bottlenecks and speeding up development. Accolade has consistently provided innovative solutions to our business needs and continues to be a valuable partner while we grow our ecommerce business.

Joni Meltoranta
CEO at BHG Group Finland



AI-powered Monitoring and Forecasting for your eCommerce.

Events Real time event tracking and monitoring.
Alerts On business critical events.
Analysis AI on event correlation, this happened that affected this.
Forecasting Machine Learning on past events.


Most comprehensive and customisable Dynamic Rendering Solution in the market. Serve Googlebot your content in highly optimised format with zero clutter.

SEO Boost For third party tool heavy sites, headless and single page applications.
Highly Improved Load Times and Delivery for Bots Get your content indexed FAST.
Easy Integration Nginx, Apache, AWS Stack you name it.
Monitoring, Cache & Recrawl Features Best in the market.